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Do you feel like your elected officials aren’t listening to you? Hi, I’m Stephen Gray & I feel the same way. I’m a Constitutionalist, Gun Rights Advocate, & raised in Elkhart County. On this site, you’ll find all my views concerning what’s going on in Elkhart County & also Baugo Township politics. 

Vision, Issues, & Values

Constitutional Carry. The Second Amendment is very clear, the Right to Bear Arms shall not be infringed. View more here.

Property Rights & Property Tax Increases.  I believe that when you purchase a property, it is yours to do with as you see fit, whether that means exercising your First Amendment with signs or building a fence (without having to obtain a fence permit). On the subject of Property Taxes, I support abolishing the Property Tax when you purchase a property it should be yours to own completely no strings attached until you decide to sell it. A recent trip to our County Surveyor’s Office revealed that the County did not know what the exact dimensions of our lot was, so how can we be sure that we’re being charged the correct amount?

Reigning in the Governor’s Emergency Powers. During 2020 we saw just how much power the Governor has and it’s too much. We saw our Governor shut down the State for months on end and we are still in a State of Emergency almost 2 years later. While he was still collecting a paycheck from Hoosiers, at the same time he told certain Hoosiers that they weren’t important enough to get theirs by shutting down their businesses through Executive Powers. We need to do better. I will work with fellow legislators to make sure this doesn’t happen again. 

“A voice for the People!”

About Stephen

Stephen Gray is a life-long resident of Indiana. From an early age, he has listened to the late Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk show hosts thanks to his dad. Around age 12, Stephen really started getting involved in politics and even messaged our late friend & then State Representative Jackie Walorski about walking in the parade and helping her get re-elected to STOP Property Taxes. Fast forward to today, Property Taxes are still active and even getting higher. Stephen attends meetings of various groups to get to the true issues & opinions of Hoosiers. Stephen has set a goal and planned this out for years and says “The role of my office if elected, will be to actually listen to my Constituents. We elect people to represent our views & that’s exactly what I will do.”

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News & Updates 

Mental Health & Gun Rights

Mental Health & Gun Rights

As many know, I have a personal connection to suicide loss which naturally puts me in the mental health awareness field. As a result of the suicide loss, over the last 4 years, I've been looking into mental health and gun rights. This is when I found the American...

Keep. It. Local!

Of all the bills, this could be the one that hits extremely close to home. Recently, you've probably seen an increase in solar farms in the area with the idea of cleaner energy. In 2021, Representative Soliday authored & introduced HB-1381 to address solar &...

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