There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has affected many. However, that does not give our government unlimited power. The Elkhart County Commissioners held a special meeting December 1, 2020 at 8:30am and the general public could only view the meeting without giving input. The meeting was to implement fines on businesses of up to $5,000! Talk about over-kill. Commissioner Suzanne Weirick (R-District 3), said they had no other choice but to do this so that residents of Elkhart County would comply. Doesn’t this sound like the move of a dictator? The Elkhart County Commissioners did not authorize anyone except for the Health Department to issue these fines and it would appear that the only friend we have in the Statehouse is Blake Doriot (R- IN State Senator, District 12). Doriot asked about how it could even be enforced & the responses from Commissioners Weirick & Yoder, and was less than satisfactory in my opinion. Weirick can be quoted in the article from Goshen News as saying, “The intention of this still, Blake, is not to enforce our will upon anybody other than to the extent that the public health orders need to be reinforced, just like any other work comp type of issue, and workman’s safety type of issue. That’s exactly where this is going. The intention of this is to help people understand first before anybody needs to push to the level of anger and warrants.” 

If the intention is not to enforce the Commissioners’ & Health Department’s will on us, why did you sign an ordinance doing just that?