Wesco voted for Firt Amendment Censorship

We just uncovered a startling vote from 2015 by my incumbent for State Rep District 21. Back in 2015, the Indiana General Assembly made 2 bills, each opposing the other. Senate Bill 466 made it illegal for you to take a picture of your ballot but they didn’t stop there, it also stated that you couldn’t post the ballot on social media. Somehow, this made it through both the Senate (38-8) & House (74-24) getting a majority vote. According to the ACLU of Indiana, if you took a so-called “Ballot selfie” you were guilty of a Level 6 Felony according to Indiana Code § 3-11-8.15.5. . The bill was authored by Senators Pete Miller (R-24) & R. Michael Young (R-35) & sponsored by Rep. Kathy Richardson (R-29).

The other bill was again from 2015 but from the Indiana House of Representatives. House Bill 1504 was authored by Rep. Heath VanNatter (R-38) and allowed the photographing of a ballot or so-called “ballot selfies” & post them on social media. The bill was straightforward and only 1 page, as opposed to SB-466’s 132, wasted pieces of paper. However, HB-1504 died never seeing the light of day.

SB-466 (2015) was pretty ridiculous in my opinion for such a harmless action of patriotism & American pride & would have either (1) been yet another law on the books that we don’t enforce or is unenforceable OR (2) add to our already overcrowded jails & prisons. Personally, I have always taken “ballot selfies” because I take pride in my votes. Thankfully, US Supreme Court Judge Sarah Evans Barker agreed that the law, which was signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb, broke the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. As a result of the ruling by Judge Barker, the law did not affect anyone wanting to take a ballot selfie, which is awesome because I take great pride in my ballot selfies.

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