The Right to Worship is a right given to us by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Apparently, though, many Republicans including my opponent & Governor Holcomb, seem to have forgotten this. Let’s take a look at 2020, Governor Eric Holcomb declares a State of Emergency & tells religious organizations that they are no longer able to conduct their services as usual by restricting all public & private gatherings to less than 10 people. In 2021, the Indiana General Assembly convened and created HB-1123 to deal with the State of Emergency still being renewed by the Governor to allegedly reign him in. The Bill did not do this. So our great freedom fighters Rep Curt Nisly & Rep John Jacob, drafted a few amendments to introduce to the house which included the Right to Worship (Amendment #3), Right to Hospice Visitation (Amendment #5), Right to Nursing Home Visitation (Amendment #6), Right to Operate a Business (Amendment #8), and finally Right to Gather as Families (Amendment #9). These are ALL amendments that should have passed without a problem, however, because my opponent is a RINO, he voted against it. I’m willing to say, that if my loved one is in the hospital, hospice, a nursing home, I should be able to visit with them without the hospital, hospice, or nursing home telling me “We’re not letting you in because of policy no visitors are allowed at this time.”

In fact, this could have happened when a very close friend got into a bad accident a few weeks ago and she was airlifted to a hospital. If the hospital told me “Sorry, you can’t go see your friend even though she wants to see you”, we would both be LIVID. It’s time we PROTECT our LIBERTY & FREEDOM just like Representative Curt Nisly & Representative John Jacob have been doing ever since they took office. I am both inspired by them & I aspire to be like them when I am elected to the Indiana House.

In Liberty,

Stephen Gray

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