Of all the bills, this could be the one that hits extremely close to home. Recently, you’ve probably seen an increase in solar farms in the area with the idea of cleaner energy. In 2021, Representative Soliday authored & introduced HB-1381 to address solar & wind regulation but the problem is in the bill, it takes away the LOCAL power called the “Home Rule”. The Elkhart County Commissioners even made a resolution that stated the following:

“WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners believes that decisions regarding wind and solar development are best made by the citizens living in the community, rather than by the wind and solar industry or State officials who live outside the community;”

“WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners desires to express its opposition to House Bill 1381 and express its support for the rights of individuals and families living in a community to direct their own future through land use decisions.”

So what does Indiana’s Home Rule state?

“all the powers that they need for the effective operation of government as to local affairs,”

Indiana Code 36-1-3-2

I agree with the Commissioners, that the Home Rule allows the local government to decide what should & shouldn’t happen in their community based on citizens’ feedback that lives in the affected community, It makes you wonder why my opponent voted AGAINST local control even after constituents & elected officials said not to. Perhaps it’s because AEP & Duke Energy donated to his campaign over the years.

The decision as to whether to allow a solar or wind farm into a community should ALWAYS stay in that community.
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