My opponent claims to have decreased property taxes for senior citizens, however that isn’t the full story. There was an amendment that would have completely eliminated the property tax for senior citizens, but the House decided to vote NO on it. An overwhelming majority of 89-4. You see there are political games afoot and as many of us already know they come from the Establishment vs our two true representatives of the People, Representatives Curt Nisly & John Jacob.
So the choice is yours, do you want an incumbent who’s an establishment RINO (Republican In Name Only) who wants to tax the elderly instead of simply giving them an exemption like other states do, or do you want a Patriot that will fight for his district against tax increases, remove the property tax, and keep Grandma & Grandpa in their homes without fear of being kicked out by the tax man? The choice, is yours and I hope to earn your vote on May 3rd, 2022.

In Liberty,
Stephen Gray fro State Rep District 21

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