In 2021, Representative Wesco (R-District 21, Osceola) wrote a bill HB-1365 or as we call it the Incumbent Protection Program which went against the Constitution of our great State of Indiana. This Bill, now known as “Public Law 193 (2021)” requires you to vote in two Indiana primaries or get your permission slip from your county chairman to as some have put it “prove your loyalty”. The fact is that the law from Wesco is unconstitutional. The Constitution of Indiana Article 4, Section 7 states you must be an inhabitant of the State of Indiana & be at least 21 years of age for the Office of State Representative. It does not state unless you have two primaries under your belt which isn’t possible if you turn 18 in an odd year & don’t live in the city.

In 2022 in came Rainey with the storm that was brewing. She wanted to run for State Representative District 49 to primary an incumbent that was caucused in just after the 2020 General Election due to resignation. Rainey’s candidacy was challenged by Elkhart County Chairman Daniel Holtz because she didn’t meet the unconstitutional new requirement. The Indiana Election Board met & ERASED Amy Rainey & several other candidates from the ballot based on the unconstitutional new law.  Rainey filed a lawsuit & the Court of Appeals is now going to hear ORAL arguments on the case. We MUST defend our liberty & DEMAND that this UNCONSTITUTIONAL requirement be ruled VOID. I hope you will join us on March 15, 2023, at 11 am Eastern at the State House. 

Unconstitutional representatives have no place in our state or country!