Endorsements & Approval/Survey List:

Liberty Defense PAC

Liberty Defense PAC endorses Stephen Gray

Stephen Gray is pleased to announce that Liberty Defense has chosen to endorse Stephen Gray for State Rep District 21. Stephen is the only candidate that Liberty Defense is endorsing for this race because he “Has the qualities of a fierce leader that will pursue liberty & freedom for all #Hoosiers”. Stephen says, “a vote for me is a vote for true representation in District 21. Part of the battle is over, but I need your help! Please donate your money and/or time so that we have true representation & make District 21 Great Again! Thank you, Liberty Defense for the endorsement! And don’t forget to Vote Gray to SAVE THE DAY on May 3rd, 2022. View the Liberty Defense Candidate Guide here.


Young Conservatives of Southern Indiana

Young Conservatives of Southern Indiana says “We proudly support and endorse Stephen Gray for State Rep. Mr. Gray has always put the Constitution first and Hoosiers and we know he will do what’s right for the people i n his district. #VoteGrayforStateRep”. You can view the endorsement here.

National Association for Gun Rights

Stephen is proud to announce his 100% on target survey result from National Association for Gun Rights. Stephen Gray is strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, Constitutional Carry, & will make the immediate repeal of red flag laws a priority that both my opponent and the NRA are both partly to blame for. 

Indiana First Action

Stephen is the ONLY candidate in House District 21 that will restore election integrity in Indiana & took the pledge. Stephen has always voted on Election Day and not with an absentee ballot. Stephen urges voters to “Vote Amish” the day of and not before because it makes it harder to cheat through machine algorithms. Stephen will also stand with State Representative Curt Nisly in voting YES to bills brought forth to the House that take us back to paper ballots.

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty [RATING: PASSED]

The only candidate for House District 21 who has a passing rating from Hoosiers for Medical Liberty. You can view the full list of candidates who passed or failed here. Stephen states “I will ALWAYS fight for your medical freedom by opposing any Vaccination mandates. Stephen strongly believes that your medical decisions are your own and not the government’s.”
**Hoosiers for Medical Liberty survey result**

Hoosiers for Life

Stephen is the ONLY candidate in District 21 receiving a 100% Pro-Life rating by Hoosiers for Life

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Liberty Defense PAC endorses Stephen Gray